Samsung’s curved screen gamble finally paying off?

Samsung’s curved screen gamble finally paying off?


Samsung’s curved screen gamble finally paying off?

Every year, company’s greet us with a new flagship. However, most of these new phones offer little differentiation over their predecessor. Yes, at times, they manage to sneak in a new processor, slightly upgrade the RAM and bump up the camera megapixels but sadly have little to offer in terms of innovation.

So when last year, Samsung announced that it was opting for a curved display in their smartphones, we were very excited. We were to get something new to try on. After using the Samsung Note Edge for over a month, and all that I can say is that yes, Edge offers something new but not much value.

And if you are a left hander, then this phone is just not meant for you. However, over the course of the year, Samsung has been refining the concept and we now have the Galaxy Edge+ in our hands and are happy to note that it is finally usable.

First off, with the curved display, it is expected that the one-handed use of the device will improve. Considering most devices that are packing a large screen this could prove to be a competitive edge and it is! You do take your time to get used to thumbing on the curved screen, but once you get accustomed, you start enjoying the experience.

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Have a few favorite contacts that you dial most often, then you can nestle five of them on this curved screen. It works much like a pinned contact, just that they are taking any additional space on your home screen. Whenever you get a call from any of the five favorite contacts, then the phone would glow with the same colour. The glow bit as per me was a bit gimmicky but comes handy when you are working or driving and just by looking at the phone, you can figure out who is calling.

In a similar fashion, you can also keep the most used five apps of your phone.

Now coming to the most important feature of curved screen as per me, with just a swipe, the phone shows you news headlines, stock prices, trending topics on Twitter. All you have to do is enable the same in the setting.

All said and done, I agree that the curved screen comes at a premium. I am not justifying the steep price that you that end up paying to get this curved display phone. All we are saying is that finally the curved display is not just about looks or a gimmick. In addition, on the Galaxy S6 Edge+ it is also not as fragile as it was on the Note device.

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